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What a Homeowner Should Know

Frequent pumping disrupts the bacterial action of the system, and not pumping frequently enough causes clogging to occur. We strongly discourage the use of garbage grinders, as they require a larger underground sewage disposal system. If you do use one, however, you should pump your tank annually.

In many systems installed since approximately 1997, effluent filters have been placed in the septic tank outlet pipe to trap solids and keep them from carrying over and clogging the underground sewage disposal system. If a filter is present, it needs to be rinsed off when the tank is pumped. If not cleaned periodically, the filter can cause a backup of liquids in the system.

Danger Signals

Being mindful of potential warning signs of a failing septic system can save you time and money in the future. The natural treatment process in septic tanks produces toxic gases, including methane and hydrogen sulfide. It is important to make sure the septic system vents through the roof of the house. Take extreme care when you detect any septic smells in your house.

Slow-draining toilets and drains, along with sewage backups in the house plumbing system, are additional warning signs. Also, sewage or black water accumulating or ponding over the underground sewage disposal system, especially during wet seasons or after a rainstorm, needs to be addressed. Finally, areas of beautiful green grass over the septic field could be cause for concern.

Septic Additives

If not abused, septic systems depend on natural process and are self-sufficient. They normally do not need any additives or chemical enhancements.


Parking Issues

Don't allow driving, parking, or paving over your underground sewage disposal system, as this can cause severe damage.


Running Smoothly

To keep your septic system operating properly, follow these general guidelines. Don't flush foreign or non-degradable items down the drain, including items that will clog the pipes, such as:
• Grease
• Dental Floss
• Scraps of Food
• Feminine Hygiene Products
• Diapers
• Plastic
• Coffee Grounds
• Paper Towers
• Condoms
• Cat Litter
• Cigarette Filters

Even if you have a garbage grinder, don't process onion skins, apple peels, bean hulls, eggshells, or other items that are difficult to dissolve.

Bacteria killers don't discriminate between harmful and helpful bacteria, so be wary what you place down your drain. Household chemicals kill the beneficial bacterial action necessary to treat your wastewater. These chemicals include:

• Oil Paint
• Paint Thinners
• Solvents
• Water Softeners
• Pesticides
• Antifreeze
• Latex Paint
• Excess Bleach
• Oil
• Gasoline
• Antiseptics

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