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Septic & Cesspool Pumping from Berlin, New Hampshire

For all of your commercial and residential cesspool and septic pumping needs, contact AAA Septic Service in Berlin, New Hampshire. We are your best local choice for all septic services, from installation and pumping to inspections.

Pumping Schedule

Depending on the loading of your septic system, we recommend you have it pumped every two to three years. Other factors include system usage and what goes down into the system. The septic tank separates the liquid from the solids, and the liquids go out into the drain field.

Locating Your System

If you have a new home out in the country, you will want to know the location of your septic system. Let us locate it for you. We can find the proper paperwork at your town hall and use it to locate the system without rupturing gas or power lines, since a septic system is buried six to eight inches under the ground.

Once we discover where your sewer pipe exits your basement, we can begin locating the system. Dead grass on your back lawn is a good giveaway because of the heat and enzyme action caused by a septic system.

Where the Waste Goes

All the sewage must be hauled to an approved municipal wastewater treatment facility. This treatment plant treats sewer water, kills all the bacteria, and filters solids. Any solid waste is then treated and sent to a landfill. The municipal wastewater treatment facility typically charges a disposal fee of 10 cents per gallon, and this doesn't include the operator's time for pumping it out, inspecting it, and hauling it away.


Additional Services

As an extra service, we look for excess solids and accumulated waste and paper caused by infrequent pumping. We also offer cesspool pumping. Cesspools predate modern systems and don't have a drain field.

Contact us today in Berlin, New Hampshire, to request an estimate for dependable septic and cesspool pumping services.