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Septic Inspection from Berlin, New Hampshire

At AAA Septic Service in Berlin, New Hampshire, we offer septic inspections for homes and businesses. As part of our septic services package, we make sure everything is running smoothly and working properly for our customers.

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Septic inspection

The only way you can truly inspect a septic system is to first empty it. Most homeowners remove the soil on top of the cover, and we remove and replace the concrete lid. We can typically tell how well the system is by the height of the liquid in the system.

If the liquid is at the top of the lid, the system may be flooded, the leach field might not be draining, or the pipe from the septic tank to the leach field might be damaged.

Repair & Replacement

If the leach field isn't draining, it typically needs to be replaced. We are licensed in New Hampshire to provide this service, and we can also dig up and replace broken or damaged pipe. Once repairs are completed, we bring the lawn back to grade over the system.

Additional Inspections

Prior staining by black iron ferrous sulfide on the concrete can indicate that the system hasn't been draining properly. We look for excess solids and grease which can go out into the drain field and ruin it. A septic tank under normal operation usually has liquid one foot from the top cover. The invert of the outlet pipe of the septic tank determines the level. If the liquid is above this level, then the pipe is blocked or the drain field doesn't properly work.

How We Work

During the inspection, we look inside with a mirror and a high intensity light due to potential lethal methane gas. We look for broken material and cracks, and we inspect both the inlet and outlet baffle. As an additional service, we inspect wastewater from the kitchen sink or toilet and we also inspect the incoming wastewater flow from the home to the septic tank.

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